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  •  Brand Story / 品牌故事

    Team advantage:

    1. The personnel training is controlled by Japanese companies

    2. The market is steered by American companies

    3. Guide design of famous international designers

    4. Have a group of cadres and staff who know best about industry and quality.

    5, accumulated many years of unbreakable technical barriers to production.


    Representative advantage

    We are the birthplace of the famous dolls in the European and American markets

    1, ceramic limited edition of Bobbi doll

    2, 70s, the famous bran heart cabbage doll, the European and American Museum's doll supplier.

    3. Princess Diana and Princess Kate and Prince dolls are all from our factory.

    4, the most famous Amazon shopping mall in the United States and Germany (Hot) are supplied by our company.

    5, by American pop star Mary Aus gate, international superstar Celion Dion endorsement.


    Product advantage

    1, product usage safety: it is verified by third parties just.

    2, all products are monitored by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

    3. All products are detected by zero anaphylaxis

    4. World class platforms and celebrities endorse products

    5 and half century management, development and technical information