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    [Entertainment industry, go with the movie, the sixth period] stepping snow to find plum, Huidong Liang Hua plum blossoms.

    MeetyoubysurpriseIdidn'trealize,Thatmylifewouldchangeforever…Imetyoubychance,ButIdidn'trealizethatMylifewillchangefromthis...-"Entertainmentindustry,travelwiththemovie,fifthissue" Thereareseveralplums

    Meet you by surprise I didn't realize ,That my life would change forever …

    I met you by chance,

    But I didn't realize that

    My life will change from this...

    - "Entertainment industry, travel with the movie, fifth issue"


    There are several plums on the corner, Ling Han alone.

    Distant knowledge is not snow, for the dark incense.



    Huafa finds spring and sees plum, a snowfall on the road.

    Fengcheng South Street, his years of memory, the fragrance is difficult to use.


    The road is pavilion, and it is a timeless and fragrant place.

    The prime minister only communicates with the moon, and the young woman does not give her a frost.

    Giving a far-off imaginary hand, injury from the appropriate heartbroken.

    Who is the early show? Do not wait for the year.



    Merriola breaks before the plum blossoms.

    Knowing that spring is good, what is the most important thing?

    Snow trees are of the same color, and Jiang Feng also waves.

    The hometown is not visible, and the mournful ancestors are depressed.



    The small window is half-covered and it is drowsy to read a book.

    Unprovoked but irritated by plum blossoms, specially blowing incense breaks the dream.



    The wine has not been opened yet, but it has not been decided.

    Do not ask for the dew in the bottle.

    After entering the WTO, the snow was red and pink and purple clouds were coming from dust.


    Lianghua Meiyuan, also known as the Guangdong Yujingfeng National Forest Park, has more than 3,000 acres of Merlin. It is the best time to enjoy plum blossoms before and after New Year's Day or during the Spring Festival. Every year this season the plum blossoms are covered with mountains and rivers. The Wanchi show has a variety of styles. It looks like clouds, fog, snow, poetry, picturesque paintings, such as brocade. The residents can enjoy the scent, smell the fragrant fragrance, and take in pictures of their beauty. . There are countless tourists and photographers who come to visit this area. It is a great sight for local tourism in Huidong.


    The Jiuting 18 well is a typical representative of the Hakka people's residences. It is a large-scale residential building built by the Hakka people in combination with the northern courtyard construction, adapting to the wet and humid climate and natural geographical features of the south, using the symmetrical layout of the central axis and combining the hall with the courtyard.


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