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    Li Chenhua's 300,000 US dollars for Fan Bingbing exclusive exclusive princess doll wind style

    PrincessBrideDoll  ItisreportedthatMarinaBychkovaisaRussianCanadianportraitartistwhocreatedtheEnchantedDoll.   Thisluxurydollbrand.ThegoldandsilversatinusedbyMarinaBychkova'scustom-madeclothingisauthe

    Princess Bride Doll

      It is reported that Marina Bychkova is a Russian Canadian portrait artist who created the Enchanted Doll.


       This luxury doll brand. The gold and silver satin used by Marina Bychkova's custom-made clothing is authentic, and is made with a well-made, life-like porcelain figure, and each doll only has to do one, rejecting batches, and the price can be as high as hundreds of thousands. The uniform skin color of the doll needs to be fired more than ten times. The beautiful facial features and the tattoo on the porcelain doll are designed and drawn by her. The princess bride doll that she hand-crafted for Fan Bingbing lasted one year and was meticulously crafted. From the pure white skirt and the pink veil to the pearl-inlaid accessories, they were all presented by Li Bing according to Fan Bingbing’s preferences. Custom requirements, princess style full. The clothing of the doll is so large that the similarity between eyelashes and eyebrows is extremely consistent with ice. In order to give Fan Bingbing a unique surprise, this doll worth up to 300,000 US dollars from Canada after several twists and turns to finally reach the ice front.